One platform
to manage them all

Effortlessly manage, plan, and align your team with our all-in-one finance and operations platform.

The first data-business management platform
for all your team

Align and oversee all team efforts
All your team under the same platform - sharing KPIs, tasks and knowledge across the entire team.
Plan your business in advance
Cutting edge, personalized planning module that create a yearly plan, in seconds.
Set goals and targets to full control
Based on your plan we extract daily targets and goals for each of your success metrics - automatically.
Make the most out of your data
With our intuitive and disruptive UI and UX that combine everything you dream of as a data user.

Tired of unexplainable reports from your analytics tools?

your data and strategy cannot be disconnected.
Get realtime insights and tailor-made views for
all your stores and sales channels, with Wideview.

Get all your tools in one place.

Use our super intuitive, click to connect data connector. just click and we will do the rest.

Give context. How do you look at things on your business?

Assign and create a KPI framework, Planning, P&L Structure, Business Language and Data Mapping.

Assign owners and create efforts.

Every metric and KPI can have an owner that "owns" that specific effort and will increase accountability and efficiency.

Don't let your data strategy be just hunches and guesswork

Organization Wide View

One hub for all your team, efforts and metrics

Control panel for your entire organization work

Financial Wide View

Watch your P&L updating automatically from all of your channels, use both our innovative waterfall view and your regular tables.

No more juggling between 8 different tools

You will tell us how you calculate and we will take care of making it automated and in realtime

Personalized Workspace

Custom view with all your KPIs & data points

Be on top of your personal success metrics

Compare yourself to your team and colleagues

"A 360 degree view of all my sales channels, stores and team."

"Wideview lets us create a month’s worth of data analysis in one week for our stores, allowing us to spend the rest of the month on growth and goals.”

Sophia Thompson, Founder & CEO, Socially
increased profitablitiy within a month
Return on Investment

"Helps me stay on top of the business."

"With Wideview, I can have a clear view of all metrics and analytics to make necessary decisions and changes in my strategy. I am able to catch up with current trends and manage all our sales channels without too much effort."

Elle Rabe, co-founder, Falcon
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Customer X achieved 14x ROI in the first month !

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Lisa Hayden
Primary Result Stat
Return on Investment

Bad analytics tools and dashboards is costing you more than you think

Learn how Wideview can help take your business to the next level.

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